{hi. I'm Aly. I illustrate. I paint. I make stuff.}

The process: I print my scanned in illustrations on one of the above mentioned papers....  All cards are folded by me and packaged with loving care... 


The equipment: Me.  The above mentioned card stock. Scanner. Printer. Hemp twine or Cellophane for packaging.


(I use a Fine Art Scanner, which scans the art in at a resolution of 6400 dpi.  What that means, is that my scanner takes in every color, every detail exactly as it is, there is no distortion.  My printer is also a Fine Art beast... it prints on super wide format papers, will print on rolls of canvas and even thin veneer.  "The Beastie" has archival triple-pigmented inks which produce vivid, gorgeous twins of my work... and not 4 ink cartridges like the standard machine, it has 12.)

About the Original Illustrations...


Painted with watercolor or India ink, drawn via ink or graphite on 140lb white cold-pressed watercolor paper.  

The process: All illustrations are drawn or painted free-hand.  So an idea will hatch and a pencil begins to scratch... you get the idea.


The equipment: Me.  A paintbrush, or 10.  140 lb Paper. Graphite, India Ink, Micron pens and/or Mijello Gold Class Mission or Shinhan Premium watercolors. ​


About the Fine Art Prints...


The prints are uncanny.  Aside from a neat little border, I wouldn't be able to tell them from an original.  I love running prints.  I only run Limited Editions...  I do this because I like to keep quality in my work as well as keep it fresh and unique. Quite simply, owning a Limited Edition Print is more valuable (even with the little guys like me) than to have one that is Unlimited.

The process: I create a piece of art.  I scan in the original artwork, and print them onto Gallery Quality 140lb bright-white, archival, acid-free watercolor paper.


The equipment: Me. The above mentioned 140 lb paper.  Fine Art Scanner. Fine Art Printer.  See "About the Stationary" above to learn more about the scanner and printer.

About Aly Doodles:


Aly Doodles is a one-artist boutique in my beloved home (which is actually a very busy Homestead Heritage Farm owned, operated, managed and run by myself and my 8 year old son) which was born in the end of 2011.  It began with family, friends and friends of friends ordering custom artwork… whether it was a pet portrait, nursery art or a piece for the living room and soon word of mouth spread and I comfortably had daily work to create.  


In the middle of 2012 I started to research graphic art equipment with the idea of adding stationery and prints to my offerings.  After thoroughly investigating my options I took the plunge… and I have been running Limited Edition Prints and creating unique stationery since that time.  I created the website shortly after and it has been such a joy to see the reaction to it…. in 2014 I finally opened an Etsy shop (that is where you will be directed from the ‘SHOP’ page on this site) but most of my customers still email me to order and I adore the correspondence and connecting with those who purchase from me, so please feel free to do the same.


What's next?  Well, I have now decided that it is time to separate Aly Doodles Stationery and Prints from other works... and to work mostly in the winter months on new pieces and custom orders....  I am going to be diving deep into Canvas work that is from my heart and hope that it is enjoyed by others... I will continue to create new designs for cards and prints, but I am making sure that from here on out the medium and subject matter fall into my comfort category and I am loving seeing a more cohesive, true to self result.  

I absolutely love what I do and it will always amaze me that people like it enough to order everything from stationery as wedding favors to giant oil paintings of mine for their homes.  I endlessly appreciate those who have supported me, pushed me, educated me in business things, advised me about equipment, believed in me, criticized me and everything in between... Most grateful to my family which consists of a Wolf Cub (who happens to be a human boy, my son and my entire heart and soul), my 8 Australian Shepherds, my Dexter cattle, my Cayuga and Swedish Ducks, my Black Australorp and English Orpington Chickens, My KuneKune (Maori) pigs (plus their Mini Potbelly Companion named Blueberry), my American Blue and Standard Rex Rabbits, my Nigerian Dwarf and Mini-Nubian Gots (and soon Oberhasli Goats!)... my parents, my brothers and sisters and my very dear friends.


Thank you for reading my novella.... and cheers.




Here are the details of my process and the info on what you are buying...


About the Stationery...


Earth friendly!  The card stock used for the stationery is environmentally responsible... All sets come with matching envelopes, are packaged in twine, ready to gift. Individual cards are packaged in cellophane sleeves (biodegrades in the ground in 9-11 days) and is also ready to gift.


Bright white cotton card stock... an extremly heavy letterpress weight of 320 g/ms, super soft to the touch and just stunning... totally tree-free and 100% of the cotton is sourced from the leftovers of US cotton linters in the textile industry.  What normally would be discarded is turned into beautiful paper. Archival, acid free, recyclable, biodegradable and elemental chlorine free.


Available upon request.....Taupe Card Stock: It is 100% recycled (80% post-consumer) and has a smooth finish.  Archival, acid free, recyclable, biodegradable and elemental chlorine free. It is a lighter weight card stock and not as firm as the white cotton. 


© 2008-Present, Alyssa Stybel, Artist.

    Written permission from Alyssa Stybel is required to use, copy, reproduce or distribute the content from this website.

    All rights reserved.

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